Hyundai Motor India Foundation along with Implementation Partners, GoSports Foundation bring together the Samarth Para-Sports Programme, which is designed to provide a comprehensive platform for para-athletes to engage and excel in sports. The programme will identify deserving para- athletes, enable structured all-rounded support and give them the tools to succeed in their sport and beyond.

The programme aims to support Indian para-athletes in the following sports – para athletics, para swimming, para badminton, wheelchair tennis, para archery and para cycling to promote inclusivity, foster a culture of innovation and bring impact in the parasports ecosystem to inspire the nation.

Eligibility Criteria

Our Selection Process

Stage 1

February 20, 2024

Outreach for inviting applications

Applications are widely promoted via social media and digital platforms to spread awareness about the programme and seek applications towards it.

Stage 2

April 17, 2024

Performance Analysis

To choose the best candidates, they will be analysed on the basis of their past performances and merit. Upon thorough review, the most promising athletes will proceed to the next step.

Stage 3

April 22, 2024

Expert feedback

The selected athletes will be reviewed by experts and coaches whose feedback will help narrow down the list to the athletes best-fit for the programme. They will proceed to the next round.

Stage 4

May 13, 2024
* – Tentatively


Shortlisted athletes will speak to a 3-member panel in a selection interview, ranked on demonstrated Drive, Commitment, Clarity & Integrity.

Stage 5

May 22, 2024

Due Diligence

Shortlisted athletes undergo Due-diligence, involving GoSports team visits to residences and training bases.

Stage 6

May 27, 2024


The shortlisted athletes will be inducted into the programme.

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About Samarth by Hyundai Initiative

Samarth is an initiative driven by Hyundai Motor India, which aims towards creating a more aware and inclusive society for people with disabilities in India. With technology, partnerships, product innovations, and storytelling, Samarth is about turning the world into a level-playing field for all. Because disabilities that some of us have to live with should not define how we live, or what we can – or cannot – achieve.

Samarth is also an initiative to change mindsets and spark change. A change that will make the world see the true capability of the people with disabilities. A shift that will make everyone push as one for a more equitable and inclusive environment. Helping create a world where we can all grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Together, through mobility and for humanity.

About Hyundai Motor India Foundation and GoSports Foundation

Founded in 2006, Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) embodies Hyundai’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and societal well-being.

Aligned with the vision of ‘Progress for Humanity,’ HMIF focuses on sustainable development and inclusive growth. Through initiatives like ‘Sparsh-Sanjeevani’ for rural healthcare, ‘Saksham’ for youth employability, and campaigns like #BeTheBetterGuy, HMIF addresses community development, healthcare, education, vocational training, environment, road safety, art, and technology. During the COVID-19 pandemic, HMIF actively supported the government with oxygen plants, ventilator production, educational aid, and school renovations, reflecting its ongoing dedication to societal welfare.

GoSports Foundation is a 15-year-old national award-winning not-for-profit organisation, supporting more than 200 emerging & elite Indian athletes in global competitions like World Championships, Commonwealth, Asian Games, Olympics and Paralympics. They have played a pivotal role in the journeys of over 15 Olympians, 30 Paralympians, and 10 Paralympic medallists contributing to 4 out of 5 Golds at Tokyo 2020 Games.

Athletes in the programmes receive comprehensive backing, covering financial aid, sports science interventions, assistive devices, upskilling in soft skills, equipment procurement, apparel, gear, and assistance with tournament fees, travel, and accommodation expenses.

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